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Haynet's Blog Block Busting Tips

Throughout August Haynet shared a daily tip on how to beat your writers block on your equine blog on their HorseBloggers twitter account. These tips were fantastic and basically asked you a question to answer in your blog post. While you may have already written a few of these already, I find them the perfect resource to look back on if I am struggling for an idea.

I wanted to share the basics of these tips with you in a handy list of themes to write about. However, if you want all the extras, be sure to visit Haynet and have a look for yourself! Also Sam has started to write her own blog posts for each of these tips too! So keep your eye out for these appearing on Haynet too!

  1. Your first ever ride
  2. Favourite breed
  3. Your riding goals
  4. An old horsey photo/memory
  5. Your favourite bit of equestrian kit
  6. Your routine and top tips
  7. Favourite equine film
  8. Your typical horsey day
  9. Any riding holidays you’ve been on
  10. A fall you had
  11. Lessons and instructors
  12. Favourite horse books
  13. Money saving tips
  14. Favourite horse blogs
  15. Your horsey Christmas list
  16. Box rest tips
  17. Invite a guest blogger
  18. Before and after post
  19. Your horses farriery needs
  20. equestrian bucket list
  21. Equine products you can’t live without
  22. Post a video of your horse
  23. Equine product review
  24. Favourite blog post you’ve read
  25. Favourite photo of your horse
  26. Your equestrian hero
  27. Memories of a lost horse
  28. A problem you are facing
  29. Best horse event/show
  30. Top tips for the changing seasons
  31. Promote yourself

How many of these have you already done? Have you used any of these to help write your blog posts?

Last Updated on 07/08/2018

3 thoughts on “Haynet's Blog Block Busting Tips”

  1. Thanks Ruby for sharing our tips! I’m the first to get writer’s block and it was good to think about some equestrian topics that I particularly haven’t been written about!

    1. I think we all get it. I go through really productive phases then have a really dry spell. It’s really hard trying to schedule posts in advance when I’m having a good few days.

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