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Twitter network of 1000!

I am delighted to tell you that this weekend we reached 1000 followers on Twitter! I am over the moon about achieving this milestone. However, rather than just gushing about how pleased I am, I instead wanted to use this as a time to talk about Twitter and how fantastic it can be for anyone involved in the equine industry.

Now days, our online life is almost as important as our real life. The average person spends just under 2 hours a day on social media, which works out to be over 5 years in that persons lifetime! So it is no wonder that businesses and bloggers are spending time creating content especially for social media.

Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter is quite niche. You either love it, or you just don’t get it. This is reflected when you look at the amount of time the average person spends on different social media platforms.

Mins per day

As you can see above, the average person spends only 1 minute a day on Twitter. (Figures from Social Media Today.) However, there is a very strong equine community on Twitter and I would be interested to see the amount of time spent on Twitter by the average equestrian in comparison!

I am lucky to be part of a very active community on Twitter. There is always brand new content on my feed and there is always a discussion going on about something. But these fantastic networks can be hard to find on your own.

I discovered these networks by discovering equestrian chat hours. I have talked about these chat hours many times before, you can read more about them here. But for the sake of this post, they are essentially times during the week where you can tweet using a specific #hashtag and the host of the hour will retweet you and you can follow the hashtag to interact with the hundreds of other users taking part.

Twitter is a very interactive community, which makes it great fun to be apart of, but also means that you could potentially have the perfect audience to interact with your brand. For bloggers it offers you somewhere to share your blog posts and by adding the hashtag #HorseBloggers to your tweet, it will be shared to the greater equestrian blogging community via Haynet!

So finally, thank you to all of our followers who have helped us reach this amazing milestone and made Twitter a fantastic place to be. Make sure you follow us on Twitter @TheRubyPepper and if you aren’t already on Twitter, I highly recommend creating an account and having a good play with it!

Last Updated on 22/12/2021

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