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Another Setback

scottie's diary coping with runny poo

Once again, things have been very quiet with Scottie this week. Last Monday morning was a very exciting time with all the horses already out in the field galloping laps and leaping in the air when it came to turning Scottie out. So Scottie being Scottie put in some pretty impressive bucks as soon as the head collar was off and galloped down the field before looking a bit sheepish.

I gave him the day off and on Tuesday when I popped him on the lunge to continue with our rehab, he was slightly lame in his right hind again. It was only very mild and I am sure it is only from him being a bit excited in the field. But I decided to go back to walking in hand/on the lunge for the week. Which with all the horrible windy weather we have been having and the exciting news of getting a new job, has actually worked out quite nicely.

I ummed and ahhed about whether to put Scottie back in his pen for a few weeks, but he still isn’t really running round in the big field and where the pen would be has been eaten right down that I think penning him could cause more problems than it solved.

Tonight I am going to pop him back on the lunge in trot an see how he looks. If he looks good I will go back to 5 mins of trot a day and 10 mins next week etc. If he still looks a bit uncomfortable I will continue with another week of walk and probably have to pen him again.

This has been a little frustrating as he has been going fantastically under saddle. But it’s comforting to know that it is probably just a case of overdoing it in the field, rather than the work load being too much for him. And realistically, this setback could have happened at anytime, it’s just unfortunate that his muscle is still a bit weak from the injury.

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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