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I have been doing a lot of thinking recently about how is best to improve EquiPepper and after a lot of research I have found that promoting old content is just as important as creating new content. I am really lucky that I now have a really good following both via WordPress and social media, so my new blog posts are seen by a lot of people.

I feel that some of my best and most interesting blog posts were written a while ago before I built up this following. It was this thought process which lead me to launching my social media promotion of Revisiting the Hits where I share an older post across my social media platforms every Tuesday and Thursday.

However, as great as it is that more people are seeing and liking these older posts, I know that some of you are still missing out on these posts. So I thought introducing a new weekly Monday morning post summing up these posts you may have missed from us plus other interesting bits and pieces I have discovered this week would be a great way to bring you something more!

I would love any feedback on these posts and if there is anything you think needs changing. But please read on to find my 3 highlights from last week!

  1. Tuesday’s Revisited ~ How much do horses really cost?
    As horse owners, how many of us really know how much our best friends cost us? This is mainly because we go out of our way to keep this information hidden so we don’t have to accept that they are costing us a small fortune! However, when it comes to those of us looking to purchase our first horse, one of the first places we turn is to friends asking how much their horses cost so that we can try and decide if we can afford this investment or not. I therefore decided to create this post to give you a rough idea of what you can expect to pay for the most basic liveries.
  2. Monty Roberts’ is a fraud?!?
    I stumbled upon a very interesting article this week from about how new research could suggest that Monty Roberts’ methods for training horses are based on fear and are no better than traditional methods/show that we don’t have an understanding of horse communication at all. While the research is interesting, I have to disagree with the conclusion the article makes. Yes he is using fear/pressure in his training, but not in a negative way. He is still mimicking how horses interact with each other within a herd. A top horse is top because they put the others in their place. It is a horse’s fear of the dominant horse which keeps them in their place, not the dominant horse’s compassion. For horses, fear = respect. This does not mean that beating or abusing horses is teaching them to respect you. But it does show that ideas like join up do follow the horses natural behaviour and help them understand their position with us.
  3. Thursday’s Revisited Post ~ Β£100 ponies, too good to be true?
    In this post I explore the reasons behind why buying a cheap horse may cost you more in the long run. After all, we have all heard those horror stories and need to remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!


Last Updated on 07/08/2018

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