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Across social media this week there has been a huge discussion about fireworks in the country side and horrible accidents due to frightened animals. So alongside the usual posts from revisiting the hits this week, I have decided to share some of the most interesting firework related articles I have seen this week.

  1. How to help keep your horse safe during fireworks
    The British Horse Society has produce tips for horse owners to help keep their horses happy and calm during fireworks to protect everyone involved. Horse & Hound summarised these tips for you.
  2. Should fireworks be banned to the general public?
    Following on from a petition making the rounds this week about banning firework sales to the general public, I decided to write a post about my opinion on this matter and why I think this based on my own experiences with horses and fireworks.
  3. Winter rugging: to layer or not to layer?
    With yet another temperature drop this week and even more horses being clipped, it’s time to decide how you are going to rug your horse this winter. Should you layer up or should you stick to one rug?
  4. When to move up a level in dressage?
    For some winter is the time to reassess your goals and start planning for the competition season next year. This could be the perfect time to look at your dressage performance and consider taking the next step.

Last Updated on 07/08/2018

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