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Fortnightly Round Up!

With all the drama of moving sites last week, I didn’t get to do our usual Weekly Round Up last week. So this week I’m going to cover this week and last week in a one off Fortnightly Round up!

We’ve Moved! 
Firstly, in case you have missed all the exciting news, we have finally moved to a self-hosted website!

Christmas Themed Competitions
Our lovely sponsors EquiMind have some fantastic Christmas themed competitions coming up which you should definitely take a look at. Keep your eyes peeled for a bit more info coming on here about them very soon!

Can Euthanasia of a Healthy horse be a Good thing?
With the change in the law around fly grazing, I explore the idea of euthanasia and how it could potentially be a benefit to the industry.

The Benefits of Hacking
Taking our horses out hacking has many benefits to both horse and rider and can be a great way to keep horses interested in their work.

Still in the top 50 Equestrian Blogs and Websites on Feedspot!

Should you breed a mare with Kissing Spines?
Usually when a mare has a physical problem, you don’t want to breed from them as you may be passing this condition on to the foal. However, in this post I discuss some interesting facts and ideas about breeding with kissing spines.

Managing young horses based on Growth Plates
When the growth plates close in a horses back is the main argument used for backing horses in later life. However, knowledge of growth plates can be used to help manage our young horses in so many more ways.

Last Updated on 07/08/2018

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