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Back in the Ring

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Scottie has made a slow, but amazing recovery from his injury in August. Even though he rallied round pretty quickly after the initial accident, the wound was very deep and there was so much scar tissue even a month later that I had already prepared myself for the nasty lump what would be left behind, putting an end to any thoughts I had about having a go at some competitive RoR classes.

Since the wound closed and we were out of the woods of worrying about if it will open up again, I haven’t really looked at it too much at all. Plus since being clipped, his rugs and exercise sheets cover it, so out of sight out of mind. It was only when one of the girls at the yard asked how it was looking that I pulled back the exercise sheet to show her and was shocked when I struggled to find it.

His legs are very fluffy, so I won’t know for sure what kind of mark will be left until his short summer coat comes through. But with his winter coat you can’t see it at all! I gave it a good feel and there is no obviously lump at all. If you pinch the skin you can just about feel the scar, but it feels like a fly bite! I still can’t quite believe just how well it has healed.

Scottie has been going really nicely recently and we are finally back in full work! In November we finally went back into the dressage arena thanks to our fantastic sponsors EquiMind and entered our first dressage test since July, an Intro B. Despite how nicely Scottie has been going, unfortunately that Scottie was not who came out for the filming that day. While he was forwards, which is always a welcome change, he was very argumentative in the contact and wasn’t willing to relax into it at all.

However, we scored a respectable 62% and won the class with a 2% lead! Our scores throughout the test really weren’t anything to write home about. Lots of 5.5s and 6s with a 7 for our trot-walk transition towards the end of the test. And the judges comments were fair too, just how he was resisting and hollowing.

Our collectives were a bit on the low side too, but again they were fair:

Rhythm: 5.5 (11)
Suppleness: 5 (10)
Contact: 5.5 (11)
Rider’s Position: 6 (12)
Rider’s Results: 6 (12)

For our first test back after such a long time off it really was a respectable score and a fantastic result to win the class. I am hoping to put a bit more work and time in this month and be back in the prelims as while our canter is a bit weaker than it was, it is still good enough to feel that a prelim will be a good idea.


Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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