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Weekly Round Up

It has been a pretty exciting week here at EquiPepper with the announcement that we will be attending Olympia ‘Race Night’ as press! I can’t wait for this and have so many exciting ideas to bring you all the best from our time there, in the meantime keep your eyes peeled for some of our Olympia updates.

Most of the UK also had an exciting (or stressful) weekend this weekend with the arrival of snow! Here in Hertfordshire it is rare for us to get much snow and I don’t think it has snowed in the time I have had Scottie. So it was fantastic to see him out in the snow and consider the pros and cons of turning horses out in the snow.

A common argument for thoroughbreds being trained younger than other warmbloods is that they mature faster. While growth plates close at the same time for all types of horse, thoroughbreds do tend to reach their final height and weight earlier than other types of horse. In this article I look at thoroughbred growth rates.

If you are starting to think about putting your mare in foal next year, you are probably starting to look at stallions. But all the different stud fee terms can be confusing. In this handy guide I explain what the abbreviations stand for and what they typically mean.


Last Updated on 07/08/2018

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