Victory for Jump Jockeys!

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It was a fantastic victory for the Jump Jockeys in the Markel Champion Chase. They had to ride around a course as quickly as they could with 3 seconds added on for every fence they had down. The teams of 5 would take the fastest 4 scores to combine for their overall score.

The Jump Jockeys not only managed quicker times on average, but they also managed 2 clear rounds! Whereas Frankie Dettori was the only flat jockey to keep the jumps up!

Jump Jockey scores (top 4 make the total):

Time Penalties Final Time
Charlie Swan 36.66 0 36.66
John Francome 39.52 0 39.52
AP McCoy 38.79 3 41.79
Richard Dunwoody 39.69 6 45.69
Peter Scudamore 47.01 3 50.01
Total 163.66

The Flat Jockey Scores:

Time Penalties Final Time
Frankie Dettori 40.44 0 40.44
Ryan Moore 40.43 3 43.43
Jim Crowley 37.59 6 43.59
Jamie Spencer 39.28 6 45.28
Richard Hughes 41.18 9 50.18
Total 172.74

Charlie Swan won a special prize for being the quickest individual time around the course!

It really was a great thing to watch. The commentator really got after the jockeys encouraging them to go faster and faster. The jockeys saw some very long strides and took some very daring lines, all while being cheered on by the crowd. I really suggest you watch the class on BBC IPlayer. It is available for another 28 days!

It was great to see the brotherhood between the jockeys too and this class being in aid of the Injured Jockeys Fund just sums up how dangerous racing is and how important it is to look out for each other, even if you are rivals!

Right after the Markel Champions Challenge was the Osborn Shetland Grand National, which included the children of two of the jockeys taking part in the Champions Challenge. In this particular leg of the Shetland Grand National at Olympia, Rocco Dettori (Frankie Dettori’s son) won the race, with Alice Crowley (daughter of Jim Crowley) coming in second place!

What a fantastic start to Race Night, watching the legendary jockeys come together to raise money for a fantastic cause, followed by the jockeys of the future showing the world what they have to bring to the racing industry!

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