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Welcome to 2018!

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Happy New Year!

Following on from our December blog hop post looking back on our 2017, in this post I am going to look more closely at what our goals were for 2017, how close we came to achieving them and also set some goals for 2018.

Unfortunately due to mine and then Scottie’s injury, we didn’t manage to achieve a lot of the riding goals I had set for us, so many of these will be rolling over to this year. However, we did achieve some of our riding goals before our mini disasters! We managed to really improve Scottie’s consistency in the contact and in his outline in walk, trot and canter! This has also lead to improved bend and general way of going! So hopefully we will start to see more improvement in our dressage scores this year!

This year I hope to build on this, to hopefully move out of prelims and into novice dressage competitions. I am also in the process of arranging monthly riding lessons which I hope to alternate between flat and jumping in the hope to get our jumping back on track! I want to get out to a few more competitions this year and really want to get out and do some jumping!

We also achieved a lot of our EquiPepper goals, really growing our reach on social media, passing 1000 followers on Twitter and earning press access into top equestrian events! I have set myself some more following goals to reach this year and I am in the process of playing with some new ideas to help build our following and work with new people!

For a full list of our goals for 2018 visit our goals page.

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