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Our First Vlog ~ 5 Question Challenge

Sam from Haynet posted a challenge in one of the equine bloggers group to face our fears and have a go at vlogging. She would pair everyone up and we would ask each other 5 questions to answer in our vlogs. I was paired up with Ashling from Tack N Tails and she asked me some fantastic questions! Watch our first ever vlog below!

Vlogging is something I would like to do more of but it is something I struggle to find ideas for. So I was thinking of trialling a monthly vlog where you can send in questions for me to answer. These questions can be about me, Scottie, EquiPepper, blogging or anything horsey you can think of! Just leave them below or send them to us on social media. Any ideas for vlogs you would like to see would be great too!

Last Updated on 05/06/2022

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