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A Cracking Start to 2018!

Scottie schooling

Yesterday we had our first lesson of 2018 and I’m pleased to say it was a huge success! It was a flat lesson to help kick start our schooling for the coming show season and Scottie was a superstar.

Not only was it our first lesson of 2018, but it was also our first lesson since camp in June when I had my nasty fall. So this combined with the fact that Scottie had also been injured and had a lot of time off, I was expecting there to be a lot of stiffness and things to work on.

While there was plenty to work on, I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly everything we were doing fell into place. Not only this, but it was fantastic to hear that both Scottie and I had improved a lot since our last lesson with our instructor beginning of June. Scottie is so much more consistent in his contact and comes down much sooner than he used to and is starting to really carry himself.

It was also great to hear that my position has improved a lot too. I used to tip forwards slightly in my seat which was partly core weakness and partly trying to gee Scottie up the whole time. However, I am now sitting up much straighter naturally and it doesn’t look forced.

So I’ve now got a little bit more to work on and hopefully have a few exciting things coming up in the next few months to work towards. It really was a very positive lesson, even if there isn’t a huge amount to report to you all.

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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