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Mustard Matchy Matchy

schooling scottie in matchy matchy mustard, thoroughbreds don't deserve their quirky reputation

Those of you who follow us on social media may have seen that we have finally joined the matchy craze! After months and months of umming and ahhing over colour choices and trying to justify forking out for an adorable matchy set I finally found the perfect solution. With Christmas present ideas in mind I browsed the equestrian Black Friday sales and found the Le Mieux Mustard set in Horse Health’s sale. Not only this but the colour was being discontinued!

Le Mieux Bonnet, Saddle pad & Bandages. Horseware stable rug.

I had been eyeing this colour up for Scottie for a long time now and thought it would look gorgeous on him. So upon reading that it was being discontinued I bit the bullet and ordered it as a present from my parents! I went for the GP cut pad so we would use it for dressage videos and a bit of jumping and finished it off with the matching bandages.

Unfortunately, Horse Health were no longer selling the matching fly veil, but after a bit of googling I found one on VioVet (albeit only in extra full) and sent the link to my sister for Christmas present ideas!

Boxing day I took my new matchy set down to the yard and dressed Scottie up for our first matchy matchy ride and took lots of photos. I was right about mustard for him, it really suits the ginger and it also matches his Newmarket exercise sheet!

While riding several of the girls commented how my own matchy matchy was letting Scottie down! So I have been keeping my eye out for some mustard for me too and I was really pleased when I found a mustard long sleeve polo neck on Premier Equine, especially when I saw it was 50% off! Needless to say I snapped it right up!

So now we are much more matchy! But there are a few more bits I think I need to try and find to complete the craze! Such as:

  • Yellow over reach boots
  • Yellow Brushing Boots/Tendon Boots
  • Yellow hat silk

If any of you know anywhere to get these last bits that would be really helpful!

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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