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#30DayRuralBusiness Challenge

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After seeing the #30DayRuralBusiness Challenge all over Instagram I have decided to join the party (albeit a bit late!) Similar to the #5Photos1Day challenge I took part in last week, this Instagram challenge aims to help connect like minded rural business owners and to help you build your social content.

I am really looking forward to taking part and have started well by being super organised and planning my content for the next 30 days! It is going to be a challenge to stick to this 30 day schedule and with a blog not being quite a business, I will have to be a bit creative with some of the challenges!

Want to see what you can expect? Or want to take part yourself? Well here is the list of challenges to complete over the 30 days!

01. Introduce Yourself (Even if you’ve already done this, you will have new followers, so say hi!)
02. Photo of your work space
03. Inspirational quote
04. A work in progress
05. Pretty picture & a valuable tip
06. A picture of your product/service and tell us about it
07. A photo of your pet
08. Workday fashion (this can be sarcastic)
09. Introduce your team, or somebody who supports you
10. Ask a question
11. A picture of your to-do list/notes/diary/stationary
12. Regram someone else’s content
13. Share a Client’s Image (With Permission)
14. A picture of your product/service and tell us about it
15. Fun fact
16. Post about your wins for this week
17. A flat lay of your desk
18. Share a Testimonial
19. Post a photo of somewhere you like to visit locally and tell us about it
20. A picture of your product/service
21. A picture of the shoes you wear to work with a comment about your day
22. A picture of your tea/coffee/drink
23. Answer an FAQ
24. Recommend someone to follow
25. Post a photo of a local landscape you love and tell us about it.
26. Give a shoutout to a client
27. A photo of your pet
28. A picture of your product/service and tell us about it
29. Look back over the past month
30. Thank your followers!

Last Updated on 05/06/2022

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