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The Never Ending Clip

Scottie all clipped and looking well on Low Calorie Feed Balancer

All the horses at our yard are on at least their second clip of the winter, with some of the show horses being on their 4th or 5th! They have all needed these extra clips as their coats came back really quickly. However, Scottie is still on his first clip of the year!

First clip beginning of November

I don’t know what it is exactly, but Scottie just seems to hold his clip incredibly well. Don’t get me wrong, he does grow a proper winter coat and can be very fluffy before I clip. But it doesn’t seem to grow back.

Feb 2018

This year I clipped beginning of November as this is about the time we were starting to trot for more than 5 mins a day! But looking back at previous years, November tends to be our usual time to clip. The clippers we used this year did give a really close shave, but Scottie still looks freshly clipped 3 months on!

His body has shown no signs of growth at all! But his face has started to get a few long whiskery hairs. And his neck and belly has a smidge more hair too. But not much more than other horses on the yard who were clipped last month.

Last winter was the only time Scottie was clipped twice over the winter, which I think was largely due to us clipping earlier that year. I think his first clip was beginning of October. But even then, Scottie’s second clip was still very crisp the beginning of April!

April 2017

I think that the reason his clip lasts so long is that he is plenty warm enough because the more exposed areas is where extra hair has started to grow back. But even then, I think there is a limit as to how much of a difference this makes to them. As it has been quite a cold winter this year and Scottie has had his biggest clip ever but not really gone up on the rug weights.

How are your horses clips looking as we start to come out of winter?

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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