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Cellulitis ~ Our Most Recent Battle!

Sister taking scottie for a leg stretch in his pjs

Two weeks ago, after spending just 2 days confined to his stable due to awful weather, Scottie and Jojo had a crazy time running around in the field. Scottie being Scottie, this meant that we came in with a lovely war wound just below the hock. This is not unusual for Scottie. It wasn’t too deep and not too close to anything important, so I stuck to our usual keep cleaning it, give him some time off and see how it looks.

Fast forward 4 days and after a few more days in, his leg was still looking pretty swollen. It’s normal for Scottie’s leg to swell after an injury, especially if he is confined to his stable. But it was more swollen than what I would consider normal for Scottie at this point.

Luckily we have a vet at our yard who had a look and watched him trot up. He was very slightly lame on it and she diagnosed him with mild cellulitis. It was fairly painful to poke it but he wasn’t that lame. She said that she would be considering 5 days antibiotics and bute, but since she isn’t in practice anymore, her drugs supply is limited and since I didn’t have any to had, she said is should clear up if you keep it clean and keep it moving.

Just a week after the initial injury, the leg was looking much better, with there being very little swelling when Scottie came in from the field or after 20 mins on the lunge. But it would still be a tad puffy in the morning. Another week later and we are still battling slightly with it.

Coming in from the field there is absolutely no swelling and if I bandage overnight I can’t see any swelling in the morning. The hock area isn’t hot or swollen anymore either. The wound has now formed a thick scab so I don’t want to keep messing about with it. But on nights I don’t bandage, there is still a bit of swelling down the inside of the leg, but it is much better than it was.

So I am now in a position where I am struggling to decide what to do next. The vet at our yard doesn’t seem too worried about it at all. And he isn’t lame at all now. So hopefully his immune system will be able to fight off the lingering infection. But I think if there is no improvement in a week or if it starts to get worse again, it will have to be antibiotics time!

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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