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Horse Health Week

horse health week

This week (5th-9th March) is Horse Health Week. KBHH (Keeping Britain’s Horses Healthy) strive to improve the welfare and health of our horses by educating horse owners and yard owners on best practices. While KBHH are new to me, I truly believe in what they stand for and I personally spend a lot of time writing content for EquiPepper with improving the typical horse owners knowledge in mind.

There are some great resources on their website with a real focus on preventative horse care. Meaning that they want to show you what you can do to stop your horse getting sick in the first place. Rather than just reacting to the problem.

Horse Owners can test their horse health knowledge in a quiz focusing on vaccinations, worming and isolation. I scored 89% on my first attempt, getting one worming question wrong. (Extra points if you can guess what one I got wrong!) Yard owners can also take a test to see how safe their yard is. But you don’t have to be a yard owner to take this one, you can answer on the yards behalf and see how well it scores. Maybe you could convince your yard owner to make a few small changes to improve this. Our yard scored silver with 54%, which for a small DIY yard I think was reasonable.

They also have a brilliant Myth Busters section, where they challenge common beliefs and explain why they are not true. Such as; horses what leave the yard don’t need to be vaccinated and the best way for a horse to lose weight is to starve them.

It really is worth having a look at. You can create an account and they are running competitions this week for you to win prizes.

Last Updated on 25/04/2019

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