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The Citrus HUF SKUP

The lovely people down at Equine-Innovations recently sent me the HUF SKUP to review. I first came across the SKUP at BETA 2017 where I spoke to the great mind behind this simple but fantastic product.

Rakes through compacted feed

Having to break up compacted feed is something many of us deal with on a daily basis. I feed Scottie chaff and I often find myself clawing at it with my fingers or digging out big clumps with my trusty Stubbs scoop. Just to then take another bash at it with the wooden spoon while trying to mix the finished feed. But with the HUF SKUP the clever teeth rake through the feed and loosen the clumps. So you can then measure out your feed without the battle.

Huf Skup

Very clear measurements

The HUF SKUP is also designed with rides along the sides. But these aren’t for decoration or clever aerodynamics! They are clear measurements to help you accurately judge how much you are feeding. On other scoops these marks are much harder to see especially if you are preparing feeds in the dark, which lets face it, many of us will do for half the year!

Not only this but the HUF SKUP has the same capacity to many of the most popular feed scoops currently on the market. Meaning that if you horse is currently having half a scoop of feed, you don’t need to worry about reverting to old habits and feeding them too much or too little. (But always check the differences between your current scoop and your HUF SKUP)

Huf Skup

Liquid measurements

I’m sure many of us are guilty of using rough measurements when it comes to soaking our horses feeds. But the HUF SKUP comes with an extra measurement scale with measuring water in mind.

Who can argue with a BETA award?

IN 2015 the HUF SKUP won the innovation award for horse care products and horse clothing at BETA International.

Fantastic Price

The HUF SKUP retails at pretty much the same price as other feed scoops available on the market. So unless you don’t feed any feeds which need soaking or are prone to compacting, I don’t know why you wouldn’t choose a HUF SKUP over other brands on the market.

Last Updated on 20/05/2019

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