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My Badminton Shopping List

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This time next week I will be at Badminton Horse Trials and during my time there I plan of having a good look around all the shops. But with all the gorgeous products available, it is too easy to get carried away and end up buying things I really don’t need… like a 3rd zero fill turnout rug with no hood attachments!

Shires shopping turn out rug The rug in question!

So this year, to try and prevent the worst of my reckless spending, I am writing myself a shopping list of things I am allowed to buy/should be keeping an eye out for. I am hoping that this list will stop most of my impulse purchases but will still mean I get the satisfaction of coming home with something!


The vast majority of my jodhpurs are on their last legs after regular wear over the past 3+ years. So I do need to look at replacing these over the next few months. With Summer (hopefully) just around the corner, I am tempted to go down the riding tights road for the first time! Do you have any recommendations for ones to look out for?

Zero Fill rug WITH neck

I have needed a zero fill with a neck for a little while now. Especially since when it came to buying a spare one a few years ago I went with a gorgeous patterned rug, with no hood attachments!! So I am not allowed to buy another one unless it has a hood.

Brown Leather Headcollar

Scottie currently has a black leather headcollar which we use for travelling, shows etc. And while there is nothing wrong with this headcollar, I just prefer Scottie in brown. So I will also be on the lookout to replace this headcollar with a nice brown one.

Thick or Flexi Stirrups

For a while now I have been struggling on and off with my ankles rolling in my stirrups which can be fairly painful. I have been considering trying either flexi stirrups or ones with a thick tread to try and prevent this from happening. So if I see some for a good price while at Badminton I will snap them up.

I may well end up coming back with more than this, but I am really hoping I don’t break the bank this year! Do you have a shopping list for Badminton?

Last Updated on 07/08/2018

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