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Superstar Ex Racehorse at Badminton 2018!

ex racehorse at badminton, Arctic Soul

So far this year we have had some truly awful weather. This has led to many events being cancelled, which in turn has affected training programs and led to lots of horses being withdrawn in the run up to Badminton. I think this must have also affected the ex racehorses competing at top level eventing. Last year there were 6 ex racehorses tackling the challenge which is Badminton Horse Trials. However, this year there is just one ex racehorse taking part, Arctic Soul.

ex racehorse at badminton arctic soul

Arctic Soul Badminton 2017

I love this horse. The past two years I have written about the ex racehorses competing for the RoR award at Badminton and he has won it both times. Not only this, but he put in some amazing performances last year during the Event Rider Master’s competition with some truly astounding cross country times. He has shown that he is not only an amazing example of how well an ex racehorse can adapt to eventing, but he is also a fantastic event horse giving everyone a run for their money. I can’t wait to see him at Badminton again this year and will really be rooting for him!

With there being less ex racehorses at Badminton this year, I can spend a little bit more time focusing on my favourite riders over the weekend. Some of the key combinations I am looking forward to following are:

  • Mark Todd & Leonidas II
  • Andrew Nicholson & Nereo
  • Alexander Bragg & Zagreb
  • Ben Hobday & Mulry’s Error
  • Michael Jung & La Biosthetique – Sam FBW
  • Tim Price & Ringwood Sky Boy
  • Jonelle Price & Classic Moet

Who will you be following at Badminton this year?

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