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Badminton Begins!

Nereo at badminton

So by the time this post goes live, I should be well on my way to Badminton for the week! I loved being there as press last year and I have spent a fair bit of time this time thinking about how I can make more of this amazing opportunity.

Straight from the Horse’s Rider’s Mouth

I plan on getting down to the Mix Zone a few times over the week to check out what is going on behind the scenes and hopefully get you an exclusive insight. I will have my eye on Gemma Tattersall in particular with her having the only ex racehorse in the competition this year Arctic Soul. I’ve got my notepad at the ready with a few key questions I would love to ask her if I get the chance.

Not only this but every afternoon the current leaders will be in the media center for mini interviews. So I will be sure to get myself down to these every day to see if I can get any interesting quotes and insights from the leading riders.

jonty evans badminton 2017

Course Walk with Sam Griffiths!

Thanks to Zebra Products and Amerigo, I will be walking the cross country course Thursday lunchtime with none other than the legendary Sam Griffiths! I am extremely excited for this and I can’t wait to hear all of his insights to this years course. Don’t worry, I will of course be sharing this fantastic information with you before Saturday’s cross country!

Spare Ticket!

I actually have a spare ticket to this course walk on Thursday! So if you are already going to be attending Badminton and will be free from 12.30, do let me know and you could join me! The ticket does not include entry to Badminton, just the coursewalk itself.

Feeling all professional

Some of you may know that I recently splashed out on some new EquiPepper branded clothing to wear while I’m at Badminton (and other events in the future.) So if any of you see someone wandering around in green EquiPepper clothing, do come over and say hello! I would love to meet you all!

equipepper branded wear badminton

More on Social

While I will probably have almost daily reports here on EquiPepper of what has been going on during my time at Badminton, follow us on social to make sure you don’t miss anything! I will be all over the place this year so you never know what I might be sharing for you! A live video from the mix zone? A gorgeous jumping shot? An insight from a top rider? If any of that sounds good to you find us on Instagram and Facebook now!

Last Updated on 05/06/2022

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