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Fyna Lite Rubber Matting Fork Review

rubber matting fork

Just before Badminton I was sent this Fyna Lite Rubber Matting Fork from Equestrian Co. to review for you. (They also sent me a new witchy broom, so keep an eye out for that review!) This was incredibly welcome as my current shavings fork, which I have had virtually the entire time I have had Scottie, is seriously on its last legs with the prongs very bent out of shape.

Trying a slightly new style

I have always used typical metal shavings forks. I think they work best for best bedding types and poo picking. I also prefer metal over plastic as I find plastic prongs too flimsy. I wanted this slightly different style of fork for a few reasons.

Firstly, Scottie is on a chopped straw bed at the moment and you need a close pronged fork to pick up the dirty bedding and poo. Our muckheap is on the back of a trailer, which annoyingly has a few small holes in the floor which the prongs of your fork can get stuck in when chucking the muck up. This is part of the reason why my current fork is so bent! But this rubber matting fork has rounded edges, which makes them wider and so far hasn’t gotten stuck in our trailer!

How am I getting on

I have been using this fork for almost a week now and I love it. It sifts through the chopped straw bedding very easily and my mucking out speed has definitely increased! Our yard ran out of our usual bedding part way through the week, so Scottie’s bed was topped up with a bale of straw. In the past I have hated mucking out straw beds as I find pitch forks too wide to pick up the poo and shavings forks get clogged up with all the straw. But I haven’t had a problem with this fork at all. It has been coping great with the straw and I am now seriously considering moving Scottie onto straw permanently!

rubber matting fork


The fork is 120 cm long (tall) and comes in 3 different types of handle and a few different colour choices. I got the Aluminium handle, which I love as I personally find metal tools slightly lighter and more hardwearing than wooden ones. Prices start at around £32, but this changes depending on what exactly you want and if you want it assembled or will assemble yourself.

This style of fork is perfect for; shavings, wood pellets, wood chip, hemp, chopped straw and paper bedding types. But as I have already said, it is working for me very well with Scottie’s straw bed. The rounded edges also protect your rubber matting. This fork is also available in T and D shape handles.

Last Updated on 13/08/2018

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