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Sticky Trap Review

The sticky trap is certainly on my bug busting list!

Some of you may have seen on our social media that a little while ago we were sent a Sticky Trap from Equine-Innovations to review for you. This glue allows you to make your own fly traps to help keep the flies away from your horses.

What is the Sticky Trap?

Sticky Trap refers to the 100% natural and non toxic glue used to create your own fly trap. Each trap covers 10000 sq mtr (2.5acres) and lasts 4-6 months.

bug busting fly trap sticky trap

How does it work?

When used on a black bucket (you can also use a black plastic flower pot or similar) the bucket heats up slightly in the sun. This combined with the traps movement in the wind tricks the biting flies to see the trap as prey using their infra red vision. When the fly lands on the bucket to feed, they stick to the glue and are trapped.

How easy is it to use?

I found this fantastically easy to set up and use. I used a disposable glove to cover the sides of my bucket with a layer of the glue and once it was hung up I pretty much forgot about it for a month!

sticky trap

The glue isn’t so sticky that it’s a battle to spread it on the bucket. I had no problems at all with this part. I must admit that I had a few problems when I decided to semi climb a tree with the bucket to hang it up in the field… But in hindsight there were a hundred easier ways I could have hung it there! And even with my poor choice of tree climbing, the whole process of adding the glue, walking to the field and hanging the bucket took me less than 10 mins!

Plus with the glue working for 4-6 months on each bucket I don’t need to worry about it for at least another 3 months!

Good value for money!

The smallest pot of glue retails for around £18 and is enough for 10 buckets. When you consider how long the glue lasts for and the distance the trap covers I think this is fantastic value for money!

But does it work?

sticky trap

Yes! This is our second year at this yard and last year I remember Scottie being covered in flies every time I went out to the field. But this year I haven’t seen any on him since hanging this trap. I can also see just how many flies the sticky trap is catching!

There have been a lot of midges around the actual stables in the evening. So I am in the process of finding a small black flower pot to make another, smaller trap to use around the stables to see how we get on there. But based on the one in the field I am really positive about this!

What about the Birds and the Bees and the Butterflies?

In sharing my photos of this trap on social media I have had a few people asking about other animals getting stuck in the sticky trap. In the month I have had mine hanging up I have had nothing other than flies get stuck in it.

Nectar insects such as bees and butterflies should not get stuck in the trap as it repels them. Where flies see a warm, moving prey, other types of insect see a predator, so will naturally keep away from the trap. When covering your buckets in the glue, as long as you do not cover the top of the bucket, no birds will get stuck if they happen to land on it.


Overall I am really pleased with this product and I do highly recommend it. Especially for areas with particularly sensitive horses.


Last Updated on 25/04/2019

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