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Fyna Lite Eco-Friendly Corn Broom review

corn broom

You may have seen that I recently reviewed a rubber matting fork for Equestrian Co. but they also sent me this Fyna Lite Eco-Friendly Corn Broom to review for you too!

The Witchy Broom

Now not everyone is a huge fan of the corn broom, but I personally love it. I think it all started when I was working on an indoor yard. The long walkway was fairly narrow with a big open door at each end. When sweeping this corridor I quickly found that the witchy broom was the best broom for this job and I have been a fan ever since. My last broom finally gave up the ghost this winter after 3 years of hard work, so it was fantastic to receive this new witchy broom!

Perfect for sweeping the yard!

This style of broom is fantastic for sweeping a large area quickly. It just seems to flick all the dust, hay, bedding and hair right out the way, so you can cover an area very quickly and end up with a neat little pile at the end. Even in the wetter conditions this broom sweeps everything along nicely.

rubber matting fork & corn broom

So natural you could eat it!

This Eco-Friendly broom looks incredibly natural, so much so that Scottie has given it a nibble a couple of times just to give me a look of incredible disappointment. But despite the slightly rough treatment from Scottie, the stitching is incredibly strong with none of the bristles have fallen out.

This broom is light and easy to use and I can really recommend it. Plus it is much prettier than your typical yard broom but still does the same job! It retails at around £20.


Last Updated on 15/03/2024

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