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Progress with Jumping

Scottie over a small jump. first jump

On Saturday we had our first proper jumping lesson of the year in preparation for our cross country clinic next week. We have had a few jumps before then, even if it was just slightly raised poles but this was our first real session focusing on improving our jumping. I am really pleased with how the lesson went over all and it has made me realise that our time away from jumping has knocked our confidence a bit more than I thought!

We had a couple of silly refusals at the start largely due to me not riding properly, half expecting Scottie to stop, so low and behold, he stopped. However, on second attempt (or maybe third, I can’t quite remember) I knew he had had a good look at the jump and I rode properly and he popped over it.

After a few more jumps and one more silly refusal at a new jump, Scottie was flying round, pulling me into every jump. A few new jumps were put up but because he was now forwards and I was riding properly these weren’t a problem. On one of them he thought about stopping at the last moment but was already too committed that he jumped it, albeit very uncomfortably leaving me with a leg hooked over the front flap of the saddle. But he had jumped it first time and jumped it without question next time round.

This lesson made me feel much more positive about our cross country session next week as I know that once we get over a couple we seem to get our eye in. It will just be getting over the first few jumps which will be the issue! But we are starting really small, practically raised poles, so it shouldn’t be an issue!

Our jumping still needs a lot of work, but after having some twists put into my stirrups (I need to find a leather hole punch!) I felt much more secure and I’m sure that as long as I ride forwards and don’t back off the jumps we wont have any problems. Especially when everything is small enough for us to just trot into.

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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