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Have we lost you?

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Thanks to changes in European law and GDPR coming into practice, I have had to make changes to some of the things we do here on EquiPepper, mainly our email newsletter and ex racehorse database. While I know where all this information came from and in each case I was actively given permission to use this data, due to how this data was collected and how old some of it was, it is very difficult to prove this as there isn’t much of a paper trail. I have therefore had to change how I work these systems.

Email Newsletter/EquiPepper VIPs

All of our email subscribers were sent an email inviting them to update their details and opt in to our weekly newsletters, including access to our exclusive Facebook group and other perks! Anyone who hadn’t opted in by the time GDPR came in had all of their data deleted from our system. If you would live to receive these emails and join our EquiPepper VIP club please sign up here.

Ex Racehorse Database

Currently the ex racehorse database is down with all the data we held having been deleted, just to be safe. While it is down, I am working on a new and better way to host the database to make it easier to use and manage. However, I emailed everyone whose horse was on the database inviting them to sign up for updates on the database so they can add their horse once it is back up and running. If you would like to add your horse to the database in the future or would like to receive updates as to when the database will be back up and running, then you can sign up for these here.

Last Updated on 30/01/2019

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