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I take blogging seriously!

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As a blogger, I regularly get the opportunity to work with equine companies. This could involve guest blogging for them, reviewing products, sharing them on social media or getting paid to feature them on EquiPepper somehow. It is work like this which allows me to expand EquiPepper and means I can afford to invest more time into writing the best content.

I recently saw a comment on social media about how some bloggers are given freebies and then write lies to make the product or company sound better than they are. While I am sure there probably is the odd case of this happening, the vast majority of bloggers are really passionate about their blog and their work. But that comment on social media really got to me and I felt I needed to write this post to reassure everyone of my values and how important EquiPepper is to me.

I pride myself in being very honest when working with other companies and this is something I have touched upon before in a previous post. I only work with companies I am genuinely interested in and companies who I think you, as my readers, will also be interested in. If a company wants to guest blog on EquiPepper or share a link, I make sure that any content is relevant and that any links take you to safe and interesting places.

Not everything I review here on EquiPepper are freebies from companies, Some of these are things I bought myself and loved. In every review I make it very clear where the product has come from and if it was a freebie. Not only this, but I am happy to point out issues with any product I review, meaning that my reviews stay honest and genuine. I’m not a good enough liar to sound interested in something I don’t like! But I have also been lucky enough to never have been sent a product I haven’t liked.

Not only this, but I always do my own research before writing something on EquiPepper. I love to use scientific research when I can. But when there has been no research into these areas, I like to find a couple of sources talking about it and use these to give my opinion whilst also stating that this is not solid facts.

I really hope that you feel that our content here on EquiPepper is honest and genuine, as that is really what I strive for, But after a few recent comments on social, even though they were not aimed at any bloggers in particular made me feel that I had to write this, even if just to reassure myself. Thank you all for being such loyal followers and I hope to continue to bring you content you love!

Last Updated on 05/06/2022

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