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Bye Bye Kia!

my poor car

I am not currently lucky enough to have my own transport. After having Scottie for about a year I decided to change this by buying a bigger car, getting my trailer license an getting a trailer. However, after spending hours researching and eventually decided to buy a Kia Sorento, life got in the way and I got no further in being able to get Scottie out and about all by myself!

Just over a week ago my fantastic Sorento was written off by a third party driver on my way to work. I was absolutely gutted. Luckily I was unharmed in the accident, which considering the amount of damage is quite an achievement in itself!

I am gutted to have lost the first car I owned myself (not by my parents) and sad that I had paid for it out of my inheritance in order to do more with Scottie. But it did have some wear and tear anyway and being a 2003 plate, it was an old car.

However, this weekend I put a deposit down on a second Kia Sorento! An 2006 plate with the odd scratch and dent but has a fantastic MOT record. (So fingers crossed this continues!) It comes with a tow bar and when I receive my excess back from insurance I plan on putting this straight towards my trailer test.

So while it is a nightmare that all of this has happened, I am hoping that it has given me a kick up the backside to actually sort my trailer stuff out so I can start doing more than Scottie. Fingers crossed!

Last Updated on 05/06/2022

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