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My Equine Football Team

equine football world cup

As much as I don’t enjoy football, I have gotten really into the world cup this time round! I watched most of the group matches and all of the England games. But I thought I would give the football a bit of a horsey twist and create my own England squad of my favourite (British) horses!

  1. Frankel
    Superstar racehorse, I loved not only how successful he was but how he brought Sir Henry Cecil back into the limelight as the fantastic trainer he was. He is a horse I would certainly want on my football team
    Henry Cecil and Frankel
  2. Tiger Roll
    Another racing hero and the winner of this years Grand National. I love this little horse! I have followed him a fair bit this season and I love how he runs and how he has continued to surprise everyone.
  3. Arctic Soul
    Anyone who reads my eventing reports will know that I love following this ex racehorse and Gemma Tattersall. He is a demon across country and is a fantastic example of how ex racehorses can be hugely successful.
    Arctic Soul Baminton
  4. Valegro
    I have never known the general public to discuss dressage like they did after the London 2012 Olympics. And that was largely due to the huge success of Valegro and Charlotte. Success they repeated time and again including at Rio 2016.
  5. Big Star
    Another Olympic success story was Big Star and Nick Skelton who once again got the general public talking about our sport and recognising just how competitive we are! Plus I don’t think you can not love this stallion!
  6. Mulrys Error
    This unlikely 4 star eventer captured us all as we watched him tackle events no one believed possible. He obviously loves what he does and it has been fantastic to watch him in action.
  7. Willberry
    While not a “real” horse, thanks to the amazing work of Hannah Francis, Willberry has become an international symbol within the equestrian world and I really couldn’t leave him off my list.
  8. Quality Old Joker
    Partnered with Holly Smith, he is always my favourite to win a puissance. He just makes it look so easy and never looks fazed by what appears in front of him. I just can’t help but love him.
  9. Many Clouds
    He was an absolutely amazing horse to watch run and his last race was truly beautiful and heartbreaking. It just shows to me how much these champions love what they do and that they are willing to give it their all.
  10. Welliesinthewater
    This is quite an unknown horse. He would run regularly when I worked at Chelmsford racetrack and there was just something about him I loved. Trained by Derek Shaw I always keep an eye out for him and always place a bet when I see he is running.
  11. Highland Rain
    Finally we come to Scottie. Obviously I couldn’t leave him out of my top 10. While he might not have achieved much as a race horse or a sports horse, I can tell you all now that EquiPepper would not exist if it wasn’t for him and I would not be where I am today!

Who would you have in your equine football team?

Last Updated on 22/12/2021

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