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MPow Fitness Tracker Review

mpow fitness tracker

I’m sure I’m not the only one who sees the sun comes out and turns a corner with my horse and thinks “This is it! Time to make some changes!” The past few months Scottie’s flatwork and jumping has improved massively and I am feeling very hopeful about this season. I wanted to crack on and make the most of this latest development and apparently, the most logical option to improve everything was to buy a fitness tracker!

I have been toying with the idea of getting a FitBit type gadget for a while now. While part of me wanted one to help improve my fitness, a big part of the decision was to get a good idea of exactly how much I am already doing and see where I can improve. I really struggle at making big life changes like working out X many times a week starting from now. But I am hoping that being able to track my current activity I will be able to build on this in a way I will actually keep up!

The MPow ID115 HR Plus

I didn’t want much in my fitness tracker. I just wanted something to count my steps, record my heart rate and tell me how many calories I have burnt that day. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money and after a quick search on Amazon I found my MPow on Amazon for less than £18!

What am I using it for

For the past month I have just been using it to track my average weekly activity for a few weeks. Just so I have a base line of what I am currently doing and hopefully so I can find an easy, doable way to increase this. Riding or even lunging is obviously a massive boost to my daily activity, with me sometimes doubling my steps/calories on days where I ride. So riding a couple of extra days a week could massively improve my activity!

How easy is it to use

It is extremely easy to use. The app is easy to set up and the single button on the watch itself makes it straightforward to use. However, the only issue I have found with it is that the double click command to start an activity can be a bit fiddly. But I personally don’t think this is much of a problem.


I think it is very good quality, especially for the amazing price! It looks smart and the straps come in different colours and they are easy to change and switch out. I am actually going to buy a few more straps for mine so I can change colours.

While it is still early days with me having only had it for about a month still, I am really impressed with this watch. It does virtually all the same things as much more expensive versions and doesn’t need frequent charging. I think I currently charge mine for less than a hour 2 or 3 times a week.

Last Updated on 15/03/2024

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