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Like Farm Parent, Like Farm Child: Safe Jobs For Little Fingers To Get Stuck Into *Partnered*

our grey chicken living the farm life

Farming and horse ownership can go hand in hand, with many farmers having livery yards on their land. This country lifestyle can also be the perfect learning environment for children. There are a load of benefits to raising kids on a farm. This lifestyle ensures they understand and appreciate where their food comes from. Farmyard youngsters are also more likely to embrace life outdoors than their city counterparts. And, they can do so without worrying about pollution and crowded streets.

Sounds like good news all around, doesn’t it? In fact, the only downside to this is that, somewhere along the line, your kids will likely show some interest in helping. We know what you’re thinking; how can an offer of help be a bad thing? On the surface, it isn’t. But, when you consider the number of dangerous jobs on any farm, you’ll soon start having nightmares. Let’s face it; even small farms operate heavy machinery. And, let’s not forget that a dairy herd could be dangerous to a wandering child. In fact, the possibilities for harm here seem endless when you start thinking about them.

It makes sense, then, that you would want to say no to them helping at all. The trouble is, if their heart is set on getting stuck into farm life, a no from you won’t be enough to keep them safe. Instead, then, think about which jobs they could do without coming to harm. Luckily, we’ve got three winners you might want to turn to.

Plants not animals

Plants are, by far, the least risky thing on any farm. Unlike animals, they can’t kick out or stampede without warning. Hence why it’s worth focusing your kid’s efforts here. Letting them take over growing fruit and veg, for instance, could work well. It may be that you oversee them through the planting process. Or, you may entrust them with the job of laying your mulch delivery to keep that soil healthy. You could even entrust them with watering. Either way, these jobs are sure to help them feel they’re doing their bit, all without much risk.

Feeding time

Let’s be honest; feeding lambs is about the most adorable job there is on your farm. So, why not let your kids do it? Admittedly, you may need to oversee until they’ve done this a few times. But, they’re sure to love the chance to get up close and personal with the babies. If they get used to lambs, you could even let them transfer their skills to calves at some stage. It saves you a pretty time-consuming job, and it makes sure all your babies are happy.

farm life

Collecting eggs

If you have egg-laying hens, collecting eggs is a pretty crucial process. What’s more, it’s one you can hand over to your little ones without worry. To kids, the idea of heading around filling a basket with eggs is as good as it gets. Of course, you will need to stress the idea of being careful. Those eggs are your profits, after all. But, the chances are your child already understands that well. So, don’t be afraid to loosen the reins and let them get stuck in.


Last Updated on 18/09/2018

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