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Plum Matchy Matchy

matchy matchy, scottie tacked up in our plum set

You might have seen on our social media (especially our Instagram stories) that I have been really looking into our matchy sets and getting more matchy options for Scottie. After listening to your votes, I purchased the Plum and Peacock Matchy Matchy sets to go along side our Mustard set.

I do love the plum on Scottie, especially with his summer coat! While I don’t believe in bandaging for exercise personally. I feel that these days boots are the better and easier option. But despite my thoughts on bandaging, I love buying the matching badnages and using them on the odd occasion where we aren’t doing anything too strenuous. He looks absolutely gorgeous in matching bandages and it is always the perfect excuse for a mini photoshoot!

As with all the Le Mieux products, it’s a fantastic quality and feels lovely and soft to the touch. I’m not writing a full review, as I am planning on writing a more detailed one in the future on several saddle pads at once. But I am really tempted to get a matching base layer or polo shirt for our plum set, so we can really look all dressage diva! But I am still undecided.

I haven’t yet tried all of our peacock matchy set on. But I do think the saddle pad is a similar colour to our dark green Woof Wear brushing boots. So I am tempted to wear that to our jumping show on this week, so keep your eyes peeled!

What colour do you recommend next for Scottie?

Last Updated on 22/12/2021

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