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blogtober challenge

On one of the blogging groups I am in I saw several members setting the challenge of Blogtober. This is quite a difficult challenge, especially for smaller bloggers, but I think it is something all bloggers should look at accepting one way or another.

What is Blogtober?

Blogtober is basically where you try and blog every day for October. However, while the original challenge was to blog every day, you could easily shake it up a bit and use it to focus on one of your social media channels or simply challenge yourself to do something for you blog every day, even if it’s just a photo on your social media.

My Blogtober Challenge

This October I am challenging myself to publish a new blog post every day! I have already started coming up with some ideas and even started trying to schedule some posts for the rest of the month. I even have some familiar features coming back! So fingers crossed you will have new content to read every day this month!

However, I will not be writing posts just for the sake of it. If I have a day where I have nothing I am happy with posting, On these days, I will try and do something on social media for you instead! So make sure you follow our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts so that you don’t miss anything!


Last Updated on 05/06/2022

2 thoughts on “Blogtober”

  1. I like that everyone is making Blogtober their own! I, unfortunately, do not have the ability to write blog posts every day this month, however, I am using this as an incentive to spend more time on the blog and keep up with my social media as well! Sadly, this summer I was only able to post once a week, but already I’ve been able to double that for the month and I hope to do much more. A great motivation!

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