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ZeroFit Heat Rub Move Review

Heat Rub Move for winter warmers

Last month I was sent a couple of new thermals to review from ZeroFit. These Heat Rub thermals are new to the market and use brand new technology to not only keep you warm, but warm you up. Today I will be looking at the Heat Rub Move. Keep your eyes peeled for the Heat Rub Ultimate review coming later this month.

A quick look at the technology

The inside of the thermals has a fluffy texture. However, this is more than just to feel cosy on your skin! These fluffy fibres brush against your skin, creating heat via friction. So as you move, you create more friction which helps warm you up!

The Heat Rub Move

The Heat Rub Move was designed with exercise in cold conditions in mind. Because of this, it is incredibly lightweight and wicks sweat away from your skin to the surface of the baselayer where it can dry.

Heat Rub Move

Why I am moving to Base Layers

As a general rule, I don’t feel the cold and as soon as I start exercising I get very warm. This has meant that I typically wear vests all year round and just put a coat on top when it gets chilly. However, the past few winters I have really struggled with my chest. We now think I have seasonal asthma, or something similar and I am in the process of getting a diagnosis. But because of this realisation, I now know how important it is to try and keep my chest warm and base layers offer me the perfect solution for keeping covered up while not getting too hot whilst exercising.

How have I gotten on with it

I love it! It’s one of my new favourite (It’s a close one between this and the Heat Rub Ultimate.) It’s perfect for doing yard jobs in the morning. In the warmer mornings it’s great by itself. On cooler mornings I like to wear it with a body warmer or under a lightweight coat and if I get too warm I can just take the top layer off.

With the crazy weather we have been having here recently, despite it being around 4 degrees when I leave the house in the morning, it can still be 18 degrees in the evening! So there have been days where I have worn the Heat Rub Move when it has been warm. So I have gotten sweaty while doing my jobs. But I never felt sweaty. It does a really good job of keeping the sweat off your skin, keeping you comfortable.

heat rub move

Due to Scottie being off work since our competition 3 weeks ago (keep your eyes peeled for what has been going on!) I haven’t had a chance to ride in this yet. But I have loved wearing it around the yard doing all my jobs. I can highly recommend and my partner is currently trying to sneak it into his bag when he thinks I’m not looking!

Last Updated on 15/03/2024

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    1. They are unisex fit so I’ve got large which fits really well over my curvy bits. It’s tight enough to keep you warm but also a stretchy material so it fits to your shape without squeezing you.

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