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My Perfect Autumn Day

scottie matchy matchy with mum and tally.

So yesterday most of the bloggers taking part in Blogtober wrote about their perfect Autumn day. I loved the idea of this and thought I would share my own perfect Autumn horsey day with you all.

Firstly, it would be a weekend, so I get a little bit longer in bed. I would crawl out of my warm bed into the cool air of my room and pull on my thermals and riding wear before walking to the yard in the morning sun.

Once at the yard I would have a nice chat to the girls while getting on with my mucking out. I would then tack up and go for a ride with another horse and rider, probably Sarah and JoJo. We would be out for around an hour, having a nice chilled ride with perhaps a canter across a field or two.

autumn day

Back at the yard Scottie would have a treat and a cuddle before rugging up and going out in the field to stretch his legs. Once he was out, I would finish off the last of my jobs, getting his stable ready.

It would be getting on for midday now, so I would pick up a friend or too and drive to my favourite horsey shop in Essex! We would start by getting lunch in their cafe. Where I would probably have my usual full English breakfast followed by a slice of warm chocolate fudge cake!

We would then browse the shop, with money to spend on a few nice things for Scottie and I might even splash out on something for myself! After a good mooch, making a mental list for my birthday and Christmas, we would head back home.

Once home I would like to head to the pub with my partner. Have a couple of ciders in our local before walking to the yard to finish Scottie off. It would be cold enough that you need to wrap up and can see your breath. But not so cold that it’s not enjoyable being outside.

After Scottie is all tucked up in bed with his dinner, I would head home and get in a nice hot bath. I might even push the boat out and light some candles! This would be followed by getting into freshly washed pajamas and ordering a takeaway, hopefully a chinese!

Me and my partner would then get comfortable in front of the TV for a movie or series binge night with our takeaway on our laps. There would hopefully be some wine and ice cream too! I would finish the night with a salted caramel hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows.

autumn dayWhat’s your perfect Autumn day?

Last Updated on 05/06/2022

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