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Premier Equine Merino Wool Saddle Pad Review

schooling scottie in merino wool saddle pad

Scottie can be cold backed. When I first bought him, he came with no tack. So I had a saddler out to him ASAP to get one fitted to him. When he took a major dislike to the first saddle we tried on him, I thought back and remembered each time I had viewed him before purchasing he was ridden with a half pad as well as a saddle pad.

So I quickly found a half pad to try under the saddle and there was an instant improvement. He was ridden with a half pad ever since. The only time we tried without was when we were trying new saddles with a master saddler. But after he took a major dislike and I hit the deck hard, the half pad went straight back on! So now we always have his saddles fitted with a half pad. After a few months of using a tattered old half pad, I decided I needed to invest in a nice one. I loved the look of the wool ones and started doing some research to find one.

Merino Wool Saddle Pad

Merino Wool saddle pad

I eventually decided to go for the Premier Equine Merino Wool saddle pad. I liked the design how it sat off the spine and was designed for high withered horses. I think I bought the pad in October/November 2014 and Scottie has been wearing it for every ride ever since!

It has lasted incredibly well. It’s a little bit flat now. But I can take if off, give it a bit of a fluff up or stick it in the wash and it comes back pretty much good as new! I can’t believe how little wear there is on the actual pad itself. At 4 years old in heavy use it looks absolutely fantastic!

My pad was in brown, which matched my tack. However, I felt it clashed with my white dressage square. So earlier this year I purchased the white version of this pad too! I absolutely love them! It is so incredibly tempting to start getting more colours to match some of our other matchy sets…

merino wool saddle pad white

While the pad may seem pricey at £50+ I honestly think they are worth the money purely for how well they last! Plus Premier Equine are fantastic and nearly always have a sale on if you want to get a little bit of money off.

So if you are considering a half pad for your horse, I think you should definitely take a look at this one!

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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