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Bloggers to Follow this Autumn

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A big part of blogging is celebrating your fellow bloggers. I know that this is an area I struggle with. Not because I don’t follow other bloggers, but because I read so many different blogs it’s hard to mention them all without starting up a directory! In the past, I have instead suggested some of the places you can talk to fellow bloggers, run interviews with new bloggers and more recently I have set up a Facebook group just for equine bloggers to share their content. So I feel I do find ways to direct my readers to other blogs they might love. But today I am going to get off the fence and name 4 blogs I think you should all take a look at this Autumn.

Diary of a Wimpy Eventer

This first one really needs very little introduction, as after, if you haven’t stumbled across them already where have you been? Victoria documents in detail her daily struggles with confidence and celebrating the wins, no matter how small they may seem. It is very blunt and to the point and would probably be rated at least PG! But if you enjoy a bit of rudeness, this blog will make you laugh and help you realize that everyone has their struggles.

Life on the Left Rein

The second blog I want to introduce you to is Life on the Left Rein. This blog follows Tina and Banksy’s eventing progress. But I follow them for their vlogs! They do regular vlogs on a variety of topics, but my favourites are always the post-event catch ups. I think I just always feel more motivated after watching their progress and want to crack on with my own goals.

Rhea Freeman 

Since I aim to run EquiPepper more and more like a business, blogging, marketing and PR advice is a godsend. I follow Rhea Freeman’s blog for her marketing expertise in the equestrian and country life industries. If you are interested in horses and blogging you should certainly check her out!

Team Tunnah Eventing

While we may not write the same way and talk about the same things, this is a blog I tend to compare EquiPepper with. Maybe it stems from when I won the Rising Star award back in 2016 when Team Tunnah Eventing won the Main prize. But I like a lot of the things Sophie does with this blog and try on build on these to bring something new to EquiPepper.

Last Updated on 29/09/2020

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