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My 5 Winter Rugging Tips

Scottie in the snow, rugged up and ready for christmas

Rugging over winter can be a nightmare. I don’t know what’s worse, finding your horse wearing only half a rug or having to wrestle wet muddy rugs across the yard. So here are my top tips for surviving winter rugging!

1) Waterproof Spares!

For turnout rugs I like to have 2 of each weight. That way, if one comes to a horrific end in the field, you don’t have to rush out to buy a new one. It also doesn’t have to be expensive! Many of my spares are roughly £30 new.

2) Duct Tape

Minor rips and tears don’t need to go straight to the rug shop. A good duct tape will help keep them dry.

3) Rugs Dry Quicker On

As tempting as it is to take your wet rugs off your horses when you bring them in. The rug will dry much quicker if you keep it on the horse than if you take it off and hang it up.

4) You Don’t Need Necks!

When we clip our horses most of us want to rug them up to the ears. But many horses have their manes rubbed out by the neck attachments. It may surprise you, but many fully clipped horses cope very well without neck attachments with many showing producers not using them.

5) Don’t Over Wash

Washing your horses rugs will remove some of the waterproofing and while you can reproof them, they are never quite the same. SOme of Scottie’s rugs are only lightly worn over the winter and don’t need to be washed every year.

Last Updated on 19/10/2018

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