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My Favourite Ride

Autumn day on my favourite ride. Between the ears shot.

My favourite ride to take Scottie on is simple but, depending on the time of year, can change the ride quite a bit. It can be anything from a 20-30min ride to over an hour, depending on how fast we go and if we cut any corners!

The ride starts with cutting through the houses opposite our yard to a dead end road which leads to a bridle way. After crossing the initial road the driveway to our yard is on, the roads are very quiet, with them only leading to the houses there.

There is some people traffic, often people going about their weekend jobs if I ride out in the morning, so that can be quite interesting! We have passed people jet washing their wheelie bins on more than one occasion! But traffic wise it is pretty quiet and the majority of people are very helpful.

Once we are at the end of the dead end road and onto the bridleway, it is a nice tree lined route. It’s usually very quiet, just the odd dog walker. So Scottie usually relaxes quite nicely along here.

After a few minutes of walking the bridleway opens up to a HUGE field. The circumference of the field is all bridleways. So you can go straight on, or turn right and do a big lap of the field. There are also other paths turning off if you want to go on a different route, but I tend to stick to this simple square.

My favourite way round is to go straight because that way round there is a nice hill to have a canter up. But I do occasionally go the other way round, and when the field is stubble, it’s nice to canter across the field, cutting off some of the loop.

Whatever way round we do the loop, it’s nice to know that once we get back to the tree lined bridle way, we have already seen everything we are going to go past. Scottie is a lot more relaxed and we have a nice stretchy walk back home.



Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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