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5 Things you may not know about me

About me wearing one of my winter warmers, the heat rub ultimate.. Perfect for looking after horses while recovering from illness.

One of the Blogtober challenges was to share some things about yourself your readers may know. I found this quite hard to write, not because I don’t like sharing, but because I share and have shared so much of my horsey life with you all, that I wasn’t sure what other areas of my life I haven’t spoken about before or what you might be interested in! But despite this, I have managed to scrape together 5 things you may not know about me.

Many children think I work with Oompa Loompas

I actually work in the digital department for a luxury chocolate brand. Despite having no input whatsoever in the chocolate making progress, many of my friends tell their children I work at a chocolate factory as apparently this is much easier to understand than “I manage the website for a chocolate company.”

I really enjoy my job, while it doesn’t allow me to be quite as creative as I would like, I do get the freedom to learn lots of skills which can help improve my blog! Also my team are great fun and of course there is free chocolate! So I really can’t complain at all!

oompa loompas and me

I have a degree in horses

I don’t talk about my degree too much anymore, but EquiPepper actually started as a project while I was studying at University. I studied Equine Science, focusing on Breeding and Stud Management. A lot of my early blog posts were inspired by my lectures and helped me revise topics we were studying.

I also feel like my degree and fascination in the science behind horse ownership is what makes EquiPepper different to other blogs out there. As much as I love telling you all about what me and Scottie are doing, I am also incredibly nerdy and love talking science with people so I like to share this knowledge with you too!

Horse Tattoo

I have a tribal horse head tattoo! I knew from quite a young age (16 ish) that I wanted a tattoo. But I wanted to get something I really wanted. I didn’t want it to be something pointless or something I would regret. So I spent a long time thinking about what I wanted.

In the end, at age 18 towards the end of my A Levels, I got a tribal horse head tattooed on my shoulder. I love it and I am very pleased with it. But due to it being out the way, it isn’t always visible, so I regularly forget it is there!

I am really tempted to get another one at some point, once I have decided what I want! I am thinking maybe Highland Rain in nice small writing somewhere.

I love writing stories

For as long as I can remember I have loved writing stories, especially fantasy stories. I spent so many hours when I was younger planning and writing stories. In fact I probably have at least 5 semi written and planned stories on my laptop right now with another 20 story ideas! I would love to write and publish a book one day, but I just can’t seem to stick with an idea for that long. I dip in and out of it over the years and they never get close to being finished. Weirdly, I don’t really enjoy writing horse related stories!

I am not a natural redhead!

If you go back far enough through photos of me you will discover that I am not actually a redhead. I am naturally dark blonde. I had very light hair most of my life, but when I cut my hair really short around the age of 14, my hair suddenly seemed quite dark, more like mousey brown and I didn’t like it. So I have been dying it red ever since. I occasionally shake it up a little and add some blonde or purple bits but I love the red and will continue to be an honorary redhead for the foreseeable future.

(Young blonde me on the left!)

Last Updated on 05/06/2022

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