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Blogtober Round Up

why do horses roll? Scottie demonstrates this blogtober topic without getting cast

Tomorrow is the last day of the Blogtober challenge and since it is also Halloween, I have a special Halloween themed post planned. So I thought I would do my Blogtober round up today instead.

My Blogtober Challenge

I am very pleased with how my Blogtober challenge has gone. I started to brainstorm ideas middle of September so that I have plenty of content ideas to work with. I feel like I stuck to this plan well, writing about a wide variety of topics with lots of different types of post.

However, because I did so much early planning, it did mean that I was often out of sync with what other bloggers were doing as part of the challenge. I think  that this was both good and bad. It was good because it meant we were something different amongst all the similar posts. But I also think it would have been cleaner on the social posts if I was sharing links of a similar theme.

I also think that being involved in the blog hop for Blogtober was a great idea. Not only does it help new readers find my posts and allow them to flick between different posts in the blog hop, but it also meant I could find lots of posts to read on a regular basis. It’s been fantastic to see everyone finding the time to blog more than they usually do.

My Horsetober Fail

My instagram Horsetober challenge wasn’t as successful. I quickly got left behind and then kind of gave up all together! I know instagram is something I want to work on, but maybe a 31 day challenge isn’t the way to do this for me.

What I have learnt

What I have learnt from this experience is that I am capable of planning and writing a lot more content in advance than I am currently doing. So I think I will try and do a lot more of this as it can only improve the quality of content I am sharing.

However, I don’t currently feel the need to increase the number of posts I write each week. I usually average 3-4 posts a week, which I think works nicely and allows me to add in any posts I think we need.


Have you taken part in Blogtober? Or have you been reading everyone’s Blogtober posts? How have you found the challenge this month?


Last Updated on 30/10/2018

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