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A Horse Worth Wintering For!

a horse worth wintering for. Scottie in the frosty field

So this morning I was getting on with some work with my headphones on and a childhood classic came on and got me thinking about the up and coming winter. I’m not sure any horse owners truly enjoy winter. It’s cold, wet and muddy. All this means that we tend to have more jobs to do each day, plus with the limited daylight we also end up riding less. However, this song, despite having absolutely nothing to do with horses, got me thinking about why we do it and what makes a horse worth wintering for?

Horse’s aren’t just for Summer

Firstly, horses are not just for summer. While it’s great fun over the summer with the competitions, the long rides on sunny days, and getting a tan while poopicking. Our horses don’t suddenly develop the ability to look after themselves over the winter (unfortunately!)

Winter Improvements

The winter can also be a great time to iron out some issues you’ve been having over the summer. Struggling with a certain dressage movement? Well you’ve got plenty of time to perfect it over the winter. Or it can also be the perfect time to give your horse a bit of a break and time to be a horse, before you both come back feeling a bit fresher!

My horse worth wintering for

Now before I start, obviously all horses should be worth wintering for, due to how much they give us! But this is just a bit of a fun list of wants roughly to the lyrics of the song! (Hell it’s a Friday!)

“I want him golden like the sun, with a coat that repels the mud.”

Scottie Championship Show Jumping

“My horse will tolerate my mistakes, adore my company.”

scottie horse

“He couldn’t care less what he wears or what he looks like,”

Scottie horse pjs

“It all depends on what we move like; Walk, Trot, Canter, Jump!”

chestnut mare, scottie horse , jump


So what song inspired this post?


I am not ashamed to say that I still have a few Disney songs on my playlist! Plus this one really is a classic!

Last Updated on 22/12/2021

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