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SiteGround Web Hosting Review


When I first started blogging, I used the free version of WordPress. It have everything I needed and it was incredibly straightforward to use. However, as EquiPepper developed, there was more I wanted to be able to do. So I either needed to upgrade to a business account or move to a self hosted platform. After a serious think about what I wanted to be able to do and a lot of research into the best place to get this, I decided to move to SiteGround and I am so pleased I did!


One of the main things which initially attracted me to SiteGround was the fact that they supported WordPress.org. I love how easy the WordPress structure is and I knew I wanted to stick to it. SiteGround was also one of the WordPress recommended hosts for their systems. So I knew I should check them out.

Free Easy Move!

Now price, security etc are important. But if I am brutally honest with you, what sold me on SiteGround was the FREE website transfer. They could transfer all my posts, pages and images from my original website and transfer it to my new website! All I would have to do was set up my theme and choose how it looks! As someone who isn’t always that tech savvy, this was a huge help!

Temporary URL

Another huge selling point for me was that they gave me a temporary URL, so that I could get my website perfect before switching across. And since they had transferred all the content across for me, this was just a case of choosing a new theme and building my side bars and menus. So the whole process from buying the hosting to making my new site live only took about a week, if that!

Fantastic Support

I have also found the support offered on SiteGround exceptional! They have answered all (including my particularly dim) questions quickly both before purchasing and a year on. And I wasn’t an exception! Statistics show that they respond and solve issues quicker than the vast majority of web hosts!

Great Introductory Rates

I was on a real budget when I was looking for web hosting. I didn’t know if making these changes would allow me to make some money from EquiPepper and if it did, I had no idea how much I would be making. However, SiteGround’s introductory rate for their cheapest package is less than £3 a month! That’s less than £40 for the entire year –  which when you look at how much web hosting tends to cost, is extremely good! When you first sign up, the longer contract you sign, the longer you keep this introductory offer. You also have free cancellation in the first 30 days.

No Major Price Hike

Yes, after your finish your initial sign up contract, there is a price increase to more normal hosting prices. I thought after my first year with them I would want to move to somewhere cheaper for another introductory offer. But no. I haven’t come across another hosting company who appears to be as easy to transfer a website to for a similar price. Plus, for renewing for a longer period I can get a considerable amount off! And I am pleased to say that the extras self hosting have allowed me to do on EquiPepper have more than paid for the hosting price increase.

Getting Technical

SiteGround also ranks highly for Speed and Security when compared to other hosting companies. Now I know this is incredibly important for running a successful website, even if I don’t always understand what different things actually do! But as a website which gains most of my traffic from search engines, I know that these things can affect my SEO!

Highly Recommend!

In case you can’t tell yet, I highly recommend SiteGround, especially for WordPress based blogs. It’s so incredibly straightforward to use and if you already have blog, it should be free and easy to transfer all your content across!


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Last Updated on 25/04/2019

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