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Scottie eating hay in the field such a foodie

Hi everyone, I know I’ve been a bit inactive recently so I thought I would just catch you all up.

Scottie is still on rest after his vet visit. He has had his toes trimmed right back and is still in egg bars and I will be having a proper look at him again next week to see if there is any change. Because I’m not doing much with him right now I have been finding it hard to find interesting things to talk to you about him!

I have also been on holiday! I had a rather spontaneous break last week to Center Parks with the other half. It was really great to get away and it was certainly needed! However, I seem to be having a run of bad luck recently and my car overheated and broke down on our way to Center Parks! So my car is now sat in the garage with a possible gasket issue for now. But luckily my brother is away at University so I have been insured on the family Renault Clio so I can still get around. So it’s not all bad!

Despite all the recent personal drama and media silence from me, I do have a few good blog posts in the pipe line for you. I plan on working on these this week and getting them to you as soon as possible. So keep your eyes peeled for my recent Magnet Obsession and Secret Santa Gift Ideas! In the meantime, I am trying to get myself back into my routine and should be back to normal very soon!

Last Updated on 05/06/2022

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