5 Horsey Secret Santa Gift Ideas

horsey secret santa gifts
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Tis the season of gift giving and if you are anything like me, it can be really difficult to find the perfect (or even a suitable) gift for someone. So I have done something I am good at and I have researched some lovely small gift ideas I would be pleased to receive as a horse lover! So if the new wheelbarrow they so desperately need seems a bit too practical as a gift, or if you have simply pulled out a horse owner in your office Secret Santa, here are some lovely gifts to consider! (Or just add them to your own Christmas list!)

Cosy Headband

About me wearing one of my winter warmers, the heat rub ultimate.. Perfect for looking after horses while recovering from illness.

A cosy headband is a winter must have for horse owners. They are perfect for keeping your ears warm on chilly mornings at the yard and come in a range of colours and styles. You can never have too many, especially when you use them to hide your hat hair after a ride. 

Wax Melt Gift Set from Hanrose

secret santa

I discovered Hanrose a few years ago and LOVE their candles. Their horsey themed scents are amazing. After all, what horse owner doesn’t love the smell of a tackroom? So why not buy the gift which makes their entire house smell like a tack room?

Charlie Mackesy Book

These gorgeous drawings featuring the Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse are very popular among horse lovers. Captioned with motivational quotes this is the perfect coffee table book. 

Personalised Mugs

Lots of companies offer personalised mugs now. Why not take a snoop on their Facebook and choose from the many photos of their horse and pop one on a mug. These are the perfect office secret santa gift!  Or if you’re not sure about picking the right picture for a personalised one, how about one from Emily Cole?

Step by step guide to buying your first horse 

buying your first horse

Are they a horse lover who is yet to take the plunge to buy their own horse? Perhaps they need a bit of a nudge to make all their dreams come true. This hand step by step guide will give them everything they need to make next year the year they become a horse owner.

Hopefully you now have a few ideas of what to buy for your horsey Secret Santa. Or maybe you have just found a few new things to add to your own Christmas list! Let us know what your favourites are.

Last Updated on 20/01/2021

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