5 Horsey Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Scottie dressed as secret santa
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Tis the season of gift giving and if you are anything like me, it can be really difficult to find the perfect (or even a suitable) gift for someone. So I have done something I am good at and I have researched some lovely small gift ideas I would be pleased to receive as a horse lover! So if the new wheelbarrow they so desperately need seems a bit too practical as a gift, or if you have simply pulled out a horse owner in your office Secret Santa, here are some lovely gifts to consider! (Or just add them to your own Christmas list!)

Personalised Mug from HoofPrints

secret santa


I think this is a lovely gift, especially for an office Secret Santa! I’m sure you can find plenty of gorgeous horse photos on their Facebook account!

Wine O’clock Decoration from LoftHouse Equestrian

secret santa


Horse ownership is hard. After a grueling evening battling with the bitter winter weather finishing our beloved horse off, most of us turn to booze on our return home. We are not ashamed of this fact! So why not help them celebrate their favourite tipple with a handmade wooden plaque?

Classic Tweed Headband from the Teed Boutique

secret santa


As horse owners, we spend much more time than most out in the cold and I don’t think there is much worse than the pain of having cold ears! It’s enough to give you a migraine! So a good headband is a vital part of any horse owners winter wardrobe.

Wax Melt Gift Set from Hanrose

secret santa


I discovered Hanrose a few years ago and LOVE their candles. Their horsey themed scents are amazing. After all, what horse owner doesn’t love the smell of a tackroom? So why not buy the gift which makes their entire house smell like a tack room?

Stable Name Plaque

secret santa

I love a good name plaque and Stable Name creates some really unique ones. If you like bright bold designs this product is certainly for you!


Hopefully these have helped you with your gift ideas!

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