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Riding For Christmas!

Through scottie's chestnut ears

Scottie’s month of rest after his vet visit and xrays are up and I am pleased to say that he is sound and the vet has said we can start getting back to work!

I lunged him on the hard this morning and he looked absolutely fine! So I spoke to the vet and he has given me the all clear to start introducing work again. He said to take it nice and slowly and suggested the following rehab programme.


The vet is pleased as there was so little on the xray he was fairly confident that rest and changing the shoes would be enough to improve the problem and solve the lameness. However, he did say that due to his conformation he may well have problems down the line which will be harder to fix. But in the meantime, we can crack on and see what we can do!

We will be keeping a close eye on him and if he does go lame again, we will be investigating again. After all, we can still do more nerve blocks in the hoof to work out exactly where the issue is coming from, and we can MRI scan. Plus, we haven’t really given him much treatment, we have only really rested him and changed his shoes and foot shape. So even if we do go back a step, we still have plenty of stuff to try.

However, we will only have a year to claim for any further investigation. So even if he is okay coming up for a year from now, I may well still choose to investigate it just so we have all the information while the insurance are paying!

But I am really looking forward to getting back on board and fingers crossed we are past our run of bad luck!

Last Updated on 05/06/2022

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