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My Little Riding Champion Review

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A few weeks ago I discovered a new horse riding game about to hit the market. Growing up playing games such as the Pippa Funnell, I have missed new riding games I could play and I have written about this before. So I was incredibly excited when I heard this game, My Little Riding Champion, was coming out end of November this year!

What is the game

In this game you play a young woman who inherits an uncles equestrian center. It is in need of a bit of repair and since he died, his riding club has gone down hill a bit, with a local rival winning all the competitions. You also inherit one of his horses, which you need to train up and compete in order to restore the equestrian center and the riding club.

How I have been getting on with it

I have really enjoyed playing the game. Initially I was a tiny bit disappointed as I think I was expecting it to be like the PIppa Funnell games I had grown up playing. But once I stopped comparing it, I started to really enjoy My Little Riding Champion.

The Good Points

I like the fact that the game has a competitive aim and a clear story line (to win all the competitions.) The story line also isn’t just as simple as train, compete, repeat. There are other quests to complete as part of the main storyline, such as racing a fellow club member and helping with village jobs. As well as having a very clear story line, there is also a lot of freedom throughout the game. You can explore the virtual world, take part in mini quests and earn extra money giving tourists carriage rides around the village.

The controls are really simple on the Xbox one, although it can take a little while to get the hang of the steering when show jumping as harsh movements cause the horse to slam the breaks on. But other than that, you only really need to use 4 buttons for the entire game. Which makes it incredibly easy to play!

There is also a good amount of customization to the game. There are 6 different coloured horses you can buy throughout the game, along with different tack and clothing choices. You can also buy and train the horses in any order you like. Every time you purchase a new horse you can train it and ride it through all the previous competition levels before continuing with the story line.

A few issues I have

As much as I enjoy the game, there are a few little things I have issues with. These things do not spoil the game for me at all. Instead I just hope that this game proves successful enough for Toplitz Productions to create a second version of this game which improves on these things. Did you catch that Toplitz? Another one please!!

I feel there could be a bit more personalization at the start of the game, such as being able to choose your horse. I also feel like the story line could be built out a bit more. I’ve only been playing for 3-4 hours and I must have nearly completed the main story line. Yes there is still more I can do in the game, but I think more quests between competitions would add to the game.

I also think it would be good if it wasn’t just show jumping. I think having an eventing focus makes for much better game play. Plus not every competition has to be an event, you could practice in a show jumping competition or dressage competition with the big story line challenges being the event competition.

Watch me Play

Since I have been getting back into my gaming recently, my partner has encouraged me to start up a gaming stream on Mixer as P4nicRuby. Here you can watch me play the game so you can get a better idea of the game play and get a feel for it. I am also hoping to work out how to get these videos on YouTube too.

Last Updated on 15/03/2024

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