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Your Top 5 Posts of 2018

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We are coming towards the end of the year now with Christmas and New Years Eve to look forward too. It’s the time of year where people start looking back at the year they have had and talk about the good bits and the bad bits. So I thought this would be a good time to go back through the most popular posts I have written this year.

Preventing Laminitis in Horses

Laminitis is the most well researched cause of lameness in the world. Despite all this research into this condition, it still affects hundreds of horses each year in the UK alone. It’s hard to say whether this is down to a lack of knowledge in the cause of the condition or if it is down to a lack of understanding of how serious this condition can be.

Beware, Beware a Chestnut Mare! ~ The fact behind the myth

We’ve all heard the stories of crazy chestnut mares and been warned off buying one. The amount of tongue and cheek sayings we have about them demonstrates this fantastically! But is it possible for behaviour to be linked to coat colour? And is there any evidence to back up the urban legend of the chestnut mare?

How to stop a horse eating their straw bed?

Scottie has developed a new habit, eating his straw bed! I come down in the morning and you can see great holes, like a large dog has been making a bed in there, where he has been eating through his bed. So now I am researching how to stop a horse eating their straw bed.

Protect your horse’s teeth

Much like us, as horses get older, they can lose teeth. Also like us, if they have dental issues in early life, these can contribute to more issues in later life. It is therefore important that you do what you can to protect your horses teeth while you can!

Do horses respond to clicking?

Most equestrians will click to their horse, and possibly some inanimate objects they encounter too! But why do we click and does clicking actually work?

Which was your favourite?

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