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5 Things I Am Proud Of

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Today bloggers and business owners are sharing 5 things they are proud of. I naturally wanted to get involved in this! So here are some things I am proud of.

My Dreams

Now this may seem like an odd thing to be proud of, but I think having dreams are extremely important to being happy and having success. From a small child I dreamed of having my own horse, so I made it happen. After accidentally stumbling into blogging, I dreamed of being “professional” and making money doing it. I made this happen. I still have dreams and I am proud of how I work to achieve them.

How I handle difficulties

Nothing is ever perfect and we will always face hard times when working towards something we want. I haven’t had the easiest few years, what with redundancy, injury, Scottie’s injury, car accident and Scottie’s most recent lameness, it has been a lot to cope with. But I am proud of how I kept going and have continued to find a way through the hard to appreciate the good.


This may sound obvious, but I am incredibly proud of what I have achieved with my blog EquiPepper! If someone had said to me when I first starting toying with the idea of blogging, I would never have dreamed that I would be attending events such as Badminton Horse Trials as press or get the opportunity to work with so many fantastic companies and bloggers!


How can I not be proud of Scottie. He is so incredibly easy. He tries everything I throw at him and I don’t have to worry too much about him at all.

My Horse Knowledge

Now I am not trying to say I am an expert who knows everything, far from it. But I am still proud of my horse knowledge. When Scottie was having lameness issues, I correctly diagnoses a foot issue, possible navicular. Before speaking to my farrier about the issue, I thought he would probably benefit from a bar shoe, which is what the farrier ended up putting on. I know they are only little things, but I am proud that my research and collected knowledge is paying off.

What are you proud of?

Last Updated on 05/06/2022

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  1. I’m proud of all the acquaintances – to various degrees – that I made as a journalist who are now achieving amazing things, whether WEG medals or at their own level. I’ve retired so my achievements are more mundane – at least in 2018. My one equestrian novel is in the past and I can only hope that my next novel will appear in 2019. For now, I will be inspired by others like yourself. Many thanks for this blog.

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