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Lucinda Snaffle Tote Bag Review

the rydale tote bag

You may have seen on my social media that just before Christmas, I was sent a GORGEOUS tweed tote bag to review from Rydale Clothing. Now this bag has become my every day bag and I am in love with it!


I don’t know how much more there is to say about the style of this bag. It’s incredibly country! It’s fancy enough to fit in at a day at the races, but also casual enough to be perfect for everyday use. It also comes in 2 different colours, I chose the Kate colour.

tote bag


The Lucinda snaffle tote bag is also incredibly practical. It’s a great size, I can fit my laptop in, making it a great work bag. Or if I’m spending a night away, it takes everything I need for that. But it isn’t bulky or awkward in any way.

My only little niggle is that the straps could be a teeny bit longer. If I want to bit the bag over my shoulder when I am dressed for the winter weather, it is a tad snug! But other than that, I haven’t got a single bad word to say about this stunning bag!

This was my first ever Rydale product and I am thoroughly impressed!

Last Updated on 15/03/2024

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